We are three friends who love to adventure together. We come from different parts of the country, & have very different lifestyles, but we share a love of three things... Photography, Travel & living life to the fullest. We've been to Ireland, Paris, & traversed the US together, taking photos, learning, teaching & inspiring others to follow their dreams.

This isn't a workshop. At least in the traditional sense. Develop + Raw came about because we wanted to share our love for photography, adventure, and life with like minded people. We want to help you develop your strengths, both business and personal. We all feel that travel gets you out of your comfort zone. And there is no better place to discover yourself than the real and raw world.

Each of us bring something unique to the table. Lear is the young, fearless thrill seeker. His photography is as daring as he is. Bud is the nicest, hardest working person you will ever meet. His photography is intimate & soulful; a reflection of his ease at connecting deeply with everyone around him. Christina is the film/business junkie of the group. She loves helping other photographers gain the confidence to explore different film mediums as well as push themselves as business people

We are open books. We will share our photography, our business knowledge, our ups, our downs, and everything in between. This is a place to grow, to learn, but most importantly... to reconnect with the artist you have inside you. Join us.

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