Experience is the greatest teacher. Develop + Raw is based on this idea. We want to help you hone your photography skills, grow your business and gain confidence to succeed, all while stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing the world. We know photographers love to travel. It's a part of our nature to explore and see new places. But we also want to do so with people who understand our passion and our eccentricities (you know, like when we have to stop every 10 minutes to take a photo).

We've taken care of all the details. From the time you land in Iceland to the time you leave, we've got your back. In addition to that, we've lined up some amazing models to shoot and planned excursions to the most breathtaking locations. What makes this different from traditional workshops is that, while you will be learning a great deal, we plan on teaching you hands on, as we go. There are no blogs to shoot for, no stylists who need photos. So we are there for you every minute of the day. Everything is designed to make this the adventure of a lifetime for you.